The Best Funeral Insurance Companies (Ultimate Guide)

The Best Funeral Insurance Companies (Ultimate Guide)

This 2020 guide has everything you need to know about the best funeral insurance companies.

  • What is funeral insurance?
  • Which companies are the best?
  • How do you find the right plan for you?
  • How much will a final expense policy cost?

No matter your question, your answer is guaranteed in this article.

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What are burial insurance, final expense, and funeral insurance?

Burial insurance, also known as a final expense or funeral insurance, is a small whole life insurance policy with affordable premiums designed to pay for funeral and other burial expenses.

Tests are not required and most health problems are accepted. Benefits typically range from $ 5,000 to $ 40,000 with most insurers.

Since these are whole life insurance plans, the way they work is incredibly simple. There really is no fine print that you should be wary of.

This is how they work …

  1. Premiums remain the same for life and cannot increase
  2. Death benefits are guaranteed never to decrease
  3. The funeral insurance or funeral insurance policy cannot expire due to age.
  4. Create cash value that you can borrow from

That fully sums up how funeral insurance works. Basically, once your burial insurance policy is in effect, it never changes in any way.

Then, when your time in this world ends, the insurance company will pay the death benefit in the form of a tax-free check directly to your beneficiary (ies).

Those earnings will give your loved ones the money they need to pay for your funeral costs, so they don’t have to take the funds out of your own pocket.

Oh, and here is some amazing news …

If there is money left after the funeral bills have been paid, you stay with your family to enrich your lives as you see fit!

Do not get confused

The terms “burial insurance”, “funeral insurance” and “final expense insurance” are not official terms.

Honestly, they are just expressions of marketing.

Here’s the deal

Final expense insurance = burial insurance = funeral insurance.

All three names mean the same thing. There is no difference in any way.

In this article (throughout our website), you will notice that we consistently use all 3 terms.

Important tip: There are websites that suggest that these are 3 different types of plans, and this is pure fallacy.

What are the best funeral insurance companies and final expenses?

These burial insurance companies have the best plans that offer unmatched value in terms of price and/or subscription.

  1. Mutual of Omaha
  2. Royal Neighbors of America
  3. Foresters Financial
  4. Transamerica
  5. Prosperity Life
  6. AIG
  7. Americo
  8. Liberty Bankers Life
  9. Sentinel Security Life
  10. American Amicable
  11. Baltimore Life
  12. Aetna (American Continental Insurance Company)

This is how we select the Best Funeral Insurance Companies

First, all of these insurance companies are very financially stable. They all have at least an A rating or better with AM Best.

You could have coverage with any of them and feel completely confident that everyone will be able to pay your claim when the time comes.

Second, from a cost perspective, they all offer competitive rates in the market. You will receive a fair funeral insurance price from any of these companies.

Finally, each of these funeral insurance companies offers a unique subscription value for specific health conditions. To be clear, what health niche (s) they serve to vary from company to company. Ultimately, each of these operators stands out in their own way when it comes to subscribing to multiple afflictions.

They are all unique. For that reason, one of these companies may be the best funeral insurance company for you, but someone else may be better served by a different provider. There is no one company that is best for everyone.

With that said, your best burial insurance policy probably resides with one of these funeral insurance companies.

Top 12 Burial and Final Expense Insurance Companies in the US USA

Below, you’ll see a fairly detailed breakdown of all the best burial insurance companies. From prices to product brochures, we leave little to the imagination. They are not listed in any particular specific order.


  • First-year in business: 1909
  • AM Best Rating: A + (Superior)
  • Better Business Bureau Rating: A +
  • Ages of availability: 45-85
  • Value Options: $ 2,000- $ 40,000
  • 2-year waiting period: No (subject to subscription approval)
  • State Availability: All states except NY
  • Optional additional clauses: Accidental death
  • How to apply: Through agencies such as Insurance Latino. It is not sold directly.
MUTUAL OF OMAHA logo-InsureBeast
MUTUAL OF OMAHA logo-InsureBeast

Unique Subscription Strengths: Seizure Conditions | Type 2 diabetes | Life insurance for people over 80 years old | Blood thinners | Squamous cell skin cancer | Sleep apnea | Epilepsy

Underwritten by one of the most respected life insurance companies in the world, Mutual of Omaha’s “Living Promise” policy in Spanish promise in life (as this product is called) which is life insurance for funeral expenses, could be the best on the market.

Their premiums are consistently among the lowest, they can ensure a variety of health problems, and most applicants can qualify for their immediate benefit plan.

Mutual Of Omaha Premiums

  • First-year in business: 1895
  • Ages of Availability: 50-85
  • Value Options: $ 5,000- $ 25,000
  • 2-year waiting period: No (subject to subscription approval)
  • State Availability: All states except AK, AL, HA, LA, MA, NH, NY
  • Optional additional clauses: none
  • How to apply: Through agencies such as Insurance Latino. It is not sold directly.

Unique Subscription Strengths: Type 2 Diabetes | Diabetic neuropathy | Schizophrenia | Bipolar disorder | depression | Blood thinners | With severe overweight | TIA Mini Strokes | Over 80 Years | Blood clots | Tumors | Home Health Care | retinopathy | Multiple instances of cancer

Although not a household name, Royal Neighbors has an excellent record spanning more than 120 years. They were one of the first insurance companies to ensure women and children.

They are a fraternal nonprofit organization licensed to provide insurance, so they include (at no additional charge) many valuable member benefits to all of their policyholders. You can see a list of your member benefits here.

Your burial insurance probably has the most lenient underwriting of all the best burial insurance companies. This is particularly true for diabetics. In fact, it wouldn’t be too bold to claim that they are far and above the most diabetic-friendly final burial expense company in the nation.

They are also not just for diabetics. They can and do assure applicants of all health profiles.

Royal Neighbors Premiums 

AgeWoman $ 10,000Man $ 10,000Woman $ 20,000Man $ 20,000
fifty$ 33.71$ 39.61$ 64.81$ 76.61
55$ 37.51$ 46.31$ 72.41$ 90.01
60$ 38.21$ 50.11$ 73.81$ 97.61
65$ 44.61$ 58.81$ 86.61$ 115.01
70$ 55.61$ 74.81$ 108.61$ 147.01
75$ 79.81$ 110.41$ 157.01$ 218.21
80$ 110.41$ 153.81$ 218.21$ 305.01
85$ 148.81$ 212.71$ 295.01$ 422.81


  • First year in business: 1874
  • Ages of Availability: 50-85
  • Value Options: $ 2,000- $ 35,000
  • 2-year waiting period: No (subject to subscription approval)
  • State Availability: All 50 States
  • Optional additional clauses: Accidental death
  • How to apply: Through agencies such as Insurance Latino. It is not sold directly.

Unique subscription strengths: seizure problems like epilepsy | Type 2 diabetes | Type 1 diabetes | Blood thinners | Atrial Fibrillation (Afib) | Bi-polar disorder | Schizophrenia | Depression Multiple sclerosis | Sleep apnea | Wheelchair use

Foresters Financial is another company that is a fraternal organization. They provide high-quality life insurance burial policies and generous benefits for all of their clients ‘ members at no additional charge.

As a company, they are heavily involved in charities across the United States. For example, they are associated with the Ronald McDonald House and the Red Cross as part of its philanthropic agenda.

Foresters burial insurance called PlanRight offers competitive premiums, fast approval times, and can offer unbeatable value for a wide variety of underwriting scenarios (as shown above).

Your best funeral insurance policy may very well be with Foresters Financial. It just depends on your health.

Foresters Financial Premiums

AgeWoman $ 10,000Man $ 10,000Woman $ 20,000Man $ 20,000
fifty$ 26.05$ 32.00$ 48.95$ 60.85
55$ 31.16$ 36.86$ 59.17$ 70.58
60$ 35.41$ 45.19$ 67.67$ 87.22
65$ 42.80$ 55.75$ 82.44$ 108.34
70$ 53.42$ 72.91$ 103.69$ 142.66
75$ 75.08$ 102.69$ 147.00$ 202.23
80$ 111.08$ 146.74$ 219.01$ 290.33
85$ 165.92$ 200.75N / AN / A


  • First year in business: 1904
  • Ages of availability: 45-85
  • Value Options: $ 1,000- $ 50,000
  • 2-year waiting period: No (subject to subscription approval)
  • State Availability: All 50 States
  • Optional additional clauses: Accidental death
  • How to apply: Through agencies such as Insurance Latino. It is not sold directly.
  • Unique subscription strengths: COPD or emphysema Diabetic neuropathy Blood thinners Bipolar disorder Schizophrenia depression Parkinson’s disease Kidney disease Disability

Backed by a leading insurance company, Transamerica’s Immediate Settlement funeral insurance product is a marriage of competitive premiums and flexible underwriting.

They are one of the few providers that will offer a policy with no waiting period for a person with COPD, emphysema or kidney disease.

In general, anyone who may qualify for their immediate settlement plan can feel comfortable knowing that they are paying a fair price for a quality burial insurance plan.

For even more details, here is a link to our Transamerica Final Expense Life Insurance Review.

Transamerica Premiums

AgeWoman $ 10,000Man $ 10,000Woman $ 20,000Man $ 20,000
fifty$ 25.30$ 30.70$ 47.10$ 57.90
55$ 29.10$ 35.90$ 54.70$ 68.30
60$ 33.60$ 43.70$ 63.70$ 83.90
65$ 41.60$ 56.50$ 79.70$ 109.50
70$ 53.90$ 74.60$ 104.30$ 145.70
75$ 72.80$ 100.00$ 142.10$ 196.50
80$ 104.00$ 140.20$ 204.50$ 276.90
85$ 148.60$ 200.40$ 293.70$ 397.30


  • First year in business: 1935
  • Ages of availability: 50-80
  • Value Options: $ 1,500- $ 35,000
  • 2-year waiting period: No (subject to subscription approval)
  • State availability: all states except CT, DE, DC, HI, MT, ND and SD
  • Optional additional clauses: none
  • How to apply: Through agencies such as Insurance Latino. It is not sold directly.
  • Unique Subscription Strengths: Type 2 Diabetes | Diabetic amputations | Depression Atrial fibrillation | Blood thinners | Blood clots | Multiple sclerosis | Tumors (non-cancerous) | Wheelchair use (not due to illness) | Sleep apnea | Cigar Smokers | Tobacco chewers | Pipe smokers | Pacemaker | Defibrillator | Fibromyalgia | Diverticulitis | Disability

Prosperity Life Group is probably not an insurance company you know by name. However, that does not mean that they are not reliable or that their insurance is not worth considering.

The truth is, they have an excellent burial insurance plan that is a superior option for many people. For example, tobacco or nicotine users who do not smoke cigarettes may earn a non-tobacco rating. Prosperity will only apply a tobacco rating to those who smoke cigarettes. That’s a great saving!

They accept many high-risk health problems, are available in almost every state, and have a simple instant decision application process. With them, you will know if you are approved in 15 minutes.

Overall, they have done a good job creating a competitively priced product that offers many people immediate coverage, while elsewhere they would get a two-year waiting period. They may be the best company for you.

For even more details, here’s a link to our Prosperity End-of-Life Life Insurance Review.

Prosperity Premiums 

AgeFemale $ 10,000Male $ 10,000Female $ 20,000Male $ 20,000
fifty$ 29.15$ 34.52$ 54.70$ 65.43
55$ 29.93$ 37.62$ 56.27$ 71.64
60$ 35.88$ 49.99$ 68.17$ 87.95
65$ 44.42$ 58.10$ 85.25$ 112.59
70$ 59.13$ 79.58$ 114.66$ 155.56
75$ 80.19$ 113.68$ 156.78$ 223.76
80$ 98.30$ 147.96$ 193.00$ 292.32


  • First year in business: 1919
  • Ages of Availability: 50-85
  • Value Options: $ 5,000- $ 25,000
  • 2-year waiting period: Yes
  • State Availability: All states except ME, NY and PA
  • Optional additional clauses: none (2 free additional clauses are included)
  • How to request it: through agencies such as Insurance Latino or directly with AIG (without price difference)
  • Unique subscription strengths: HIV or AIDS Dialysis Angina pectoris Use of oxygen Current internal cancer CHF Dementia or Alzheimer’s Wheelchair tied up due to illness

AIG only offers what is called guaranteed issue life insurance. This type of policy does not have a health questionnaire or medical evaluations. Its acceptance is guaranteed. As is the case with all guaranteed issue policies, there is a 24-month waiting period before the policy pays a death benefit. If death occurs during this time, AIG will simply reimburse 110% of the premiums paid.

AIG has some of the lowest premiums for guaranteed issue life coverage relative to the other companies on the market. In addition, they are the only company that offers two free additional clauses in each policy.

There is the terminal illness add-on clause that will allow you to access some of your death benefits if you are ever diagnosed with a terminal illness and given a sum of life expectancy. In addition, also included is the additional clause of chronic diseases that will allow you to access some of your death benefits in case you develop a chronic disease and are unable to carry out your activities of daily living.

Guaranteed issue burial policies are generally a last resort, but they do have a place when it comes to health problems that are such a high risk that you may not qualify for a subscription-based plan.

AIG Premiums 

AgeFemale $ 10,000Male $ 10,000Female $ 20,000Male $ 20,000
fifty$ 35.83$ 51.92$ 69.66$ 101.85
55$ 39.86$ 56.50$ 77.71$ 110.99
60$ 45.14$ 63.17$ 88.27$ 124.33
65$ 54.51$ 73.09$ 107.02$ 144.18
70$ 70.41$ 93.14$ 138.83$ 184.28
75$ 95.82$ 124.49$ 189.63$ 246.98
80$ 135.12$ 175.15$ 268.25$ 348.30
85$ 204.20$ 298.86$ 406.41$ 595.73


  • First year in business: 1909
  • Ages of Availability: 50-85
  • Value Options: $ 2,000- $ 30,000
  • 2-year waiting period: No (subject to subscription approval)
  • State availability: all states except CA, MN, NY, PA
  • Optional additional clauses: Child term | Grandchildren Term
  • How to apply: Through agencies such as Insurance Latino. It is not sold directly.
  • Unique Subscription Strengths: Parkinson’s Disease  Systemic lupus Heart attack Stroke Heart Surgery Circulatory Surgery Pipe smokers Chewing tobacco Home Health Care Afib Cigar Smokers Type 2 diabetes Multiple sclerosis Seizures

Americo has two different burial expense plans. Your Ultra Protector plan is useful for a wide variety of health conditions. This plan is one of the few on the market that comes with 100% coverage from day one for people with COPD or emphysema. The Ultra Protector plan also offers immediate coverage for some other high-risk conditions.

His other plan is called Eagle Premier. This particular plan is unique in several ways. One of the most important benefits of this plan is the fact that tobacco users who do not smoke cigarettes may qualify for non-tobacco rates.

It is also very useful, like its Ultra Protector Series, for multiple high-risk factors.

Regardless of your particular health problem (s), there is a good chance that Americo can offer you a low-cost funeral insurance policy that does not have a waiting period.

Americo Premiums 

AgeFemale $ 10,000Male $ 10,000Female $ 20,000Male $ 20,000
fifty$ 27.67 $ 36.30 $ 51.55 $ 68.80 
55$ 31.32 $ 40.49 $ 58.84 $ 77.18 
60$ 38.46 $ 49.67 $ 73.11 $ 95.53 
65$ 48.65 $ 62.92 $ 93.50 $ 122.04 
70$ 60.88 $ 83.31 $ 117.95 $ 162.81 
75$ 83.31 $ 113.87 $ 162.81 $ 223.93 
80$ 129.12 $ 166.93 $ 254.45 $ 330.07 
85$ 190.69 $ 229.59 $ 377.59 $ 455.37 


  • First year in business: 1958
  • Ages of Availability: 18-80
  • Value Options: $ 3,000- $ 30,000
  • 2-year waiting period: No (subject to subscription approval)
  • State Availability: All states except CT, MA, MN, NH, NY, RI
  • Optional additional clauses: Accidental death and dismemberment | Child term | Grandchildren Term
  • How to apply: Through agencies such as Insurance Latino. It is not sold directly.
  • Unique subscription strengths: COPD or emphysema Parkinson’s disease Systemic lupus Liver cirrhosis Kidney disease Hepatitis Chronic bronchitis

Without a doubt, Liberty Bankers Life has one of the most unique burial policies in the country.

For example, people with COPD, emphysema, liver, or kidney disease may qualify for a plan with benefits from day one. That is incredibly rare. Most insurers will absolutely impose a two-year partial or full waiting period for these conditions.

Liberty is also one of the few companies to open its plan to 18-year-olds. Most burial life insurance companies start their products at age 50.

In general, Liberty Bankers Life can be ideal for people with high-risk health problems and for healthy people. Honestly, they are a great option for almost everyone.

Liberty Bankers Life Premiums

AgeFemale $ 10,000Male $ 10,000Female $ 20,000Male $ 20,000
fifty$ 25.57$ 30.51$ 46.51$ 56.39
55$ 30.40$ 36.79$ 56.17$ 68.95
60$ 34.67$ 45.80$ 64.71$ 86.97
65$ 42.81$ 55.94$ 80.99$ 107.26
70$ 54.79$ 73.31$ 104.95$ 141.99
75$ 76.20$ 100.15$ 147.78$ 195.67
80$ 109.16$ 146.80$ 213.69$ 288.97


  • First year in business: 1948
  • Availability Ages: 0-85
  • Value Options: $ 1,000- $ 35,000
  • 2-year waiting period: No (subject to subscription approval)
  • State Availability: All states except AL, CT, MA, ME, MI, MO, NH, NJ, NY, OH, SC, TN, VA, VT, WI, WV
  • Optional additional clauses: Accidental death
  • How to apply: Through agencies such as Insurance Latino. It is not sold directly.
  • Unique Subscription Strengths: Oxygen Use Irregular heartbeat Cigar Smokers Pipe smokers Type 2 diabetes Type 1 diabetes Seizures Epilepsy Wheelchair use Multiple sclerosis Sleep apnea

Sentinel Security Life also has an incredibly unique burial insurance program.

Their funeral insurance coverage is available to individuals from 6 months of age, they offer 10 payments, 20 payments, paid at age 65, paid at 85, and single premium options. Very few burial insurance companies offer these payment options.

The main reason Sentinel Security Life is on this list is that they are literally the only operator that will offer some form of immediate protection to people who use oxygen. All other operators will outright reject applicants who use oxygen or impose a full 2-year waiting period.

Frankly, there are many subscription niches that serve a wide variety of high-risk health problems.

Its only real drawback is that its state availability is quite limited.

Sentinel Security Life Premiums

AgeFemale $ 10,000Male $ 10,000Female $ 20,000Male $ 20,000
fifty$ 23.06$ 27.73$ 43.10$ 52.44
55$ 26.94$ 34.43$ 50.86$ 65.84
60$ 33.79$ 42.42$ 64.57$ 81.84
65$ 42.42$ 53.82$ 81.84$ 104.63
70$ 53.12$ 69.93$ 103.23$ 136.84
75$ 76.34$ 97.43$ 149.67$ 191.85
80$ 108.30$ 147.07$ 213.59$ 291.13
85$ 160.85$ 202.75N / AN / A


  • First year in business: 1910
  • Ages of Availability: 50-85
  • Value Options: $ 2,500 to $ 35,000
  • 2-year waiting period: No (subject to subscription approval)
  • State Availability: All states except CT, ME, MT, NH, NY, VT
  • Optional additional clauses: Child term | Grandchildren Term | Exemption from Nursing Homes | Accidental death
  • How to apply: Through agencies such as Insurance Latino. It is not sold directly.
  • Unique subscription strengths: cigarette smokers Pipe smokers | Cigar Smokers | Afib | Schizophrenia | Bipolar disorder | Depression Blood thinners | Wheelchair use

American Amicable is not a company that appeals to a wide audience. Your funeral expense policy is a great option for certain selected situations.

As an example, their rates of tobacco use are quite competitive. They are generally a much cheaper option for cigarette smokers compared to other companies.

Also, they are one of the few companies that offer tobacco-free rates to people who smoke an occasional cigarette or pipe.

Another very interesting aspect of their program is their selection of riders. You can choose to add some cool benefits to your policy for a little more each month. Some customers really like its additional clauses.

At the end of the day, they are not a good option for everyone, but for certain groups, they are an excellent option.

American Amicable Premiums 

AgeFemale $ 10,000Male $ 10,000Female $ 20,000Male $ 20,000
fifty$ 26.67$ 31.65$ 50.69$ 60.65
55$ 33.69$ 40.04$ 64.74$ 77.43
60$ 38.27$ 47.06$ 73.89$ 91.47
65$ 47.06$ 59.75$ 91.47$ 116.85
70$ 60.38$ 78.79$ 118.12$ 154.94
75$ 81.73$ 108.02$ 160.82$ 213.39
80$ 113.68$ 155.83$ 224.72$ 309.01
85$ 166.03$ 221.32$ 329.41$ 439.99


  • First year in business: 1882
  • Ages of availability: 50-80
  • Value Options: $ 2,500 to $ 25,000
  • 2-year waiting period: No (subject to subscription approval)
  • State Availability: All states except MA, MN, MO, NY, NC, SC, WA, WV
  • Optional additional clauses: Accidental death
  • How to apply: Through agencies such as Insurance Latino. It is not sold directly.
  • Unique Subscription Strengths: Cancer Heart attack Circulatory Surgery Heart Surgery Congestive heart failure Diabetic coma Diabetes amputation Angina pectoris Stroke Home Health Care Insulin Shock Diabetic kidney disease

Baltimore’s life has a unique product because they are the only company that will offer partial coverage to people with some recent health problems. With virtually all other providers, these health problems will result in a two-year waiting period.

The qualified plan pays 25% of the death benefit if death occurs during the first year and 50% during the second year. This qualified plan accepts all kinds of high-risk conditions, such as recent heart attacks, cancer, and congestive heart failure, to name a few.

If you’re willing to pay a little more to have coverage that starts right away and recently had a high-risk health event, Baltimore Life might be your best option.

Baltimore Life Premiums 

AgeFemale $ 10,000Male $ 10,000Female $ 15,000Male $ 15,000
fifty$ 27.90$ 33.30$ 39.15$ 47.25
55$ 32.40$ 39.60$ 45.90$ 56.70
60$ 38.70$ 48.60$ 55.35$ 70.20
65$ 47.70$ 60.30$ 68.85$ 87.75
70$ 61.20$ 78.30$ 89.10$ 114.75
75$ 81.00$ 104.40$ 118.80$ 153.90
80$ 117.90$ 147.60$ 174.15$ 218.70


  • First year in business: 1853
  • Ages of availability: 45-89
  • Value Options: $ 3,000- $ 35,000
  • 2-year waiting period: No (subject to subscription approval)
  • State Availability: All states except AK, CA, CT, HI, MD, ME, DC, NY, VT, and WA
  • Optional additional clauses: none
  • How to apply: Through agencies such as Insurance Latino. It is not sold directly.
  • Unique Subscription Strengths: Home Health Care Kidney disease Congestive heart failure Cancer Diabetic neuropathy Afib Schizophrenia Bipolar disorder depression Epilepsy Seizures Diabetic kidney disease With severe overweight retinopathy Sleep apnea Tumors More than 85 life insurances

Aetna is on this list for a variety of reasons. The main one is that they offer coverage to people up to 89 years of age. It is incredibly rare for any life insurance company to insure applicants over the age of 85.

Your subscription is also quite unique. They are one of the few providers that offer partial coverage to patients with CHF and cancer survivors (one year to go). At the same time, there are other niche health issues that really stand out, such as chronic kidney disease, extreme obesity, home health care, and mental health woes.

In all, Aetna has created a unique product that enables them to offer great value to many seniors seeking funeral services insurance.

Aetna’s Premiums 

AgeFemale $ 10,000Male $ 10,000Female $ 15,000Male $ 15,000
Four. Five$ 30.00$ 35.00$ 56.67$ 66.67
fifty$ 32.50$ 35.83$ 60.00$ 68.33
55$ 38.33$ 45.00$ 73.33$ 86.67
60$ 42.50$ 51.67$ 81.67$ 100.00
65$ 51.67$ 62.50$ 100.00$ 121.67
70$ 65.83$ 81.67$ 128.33$ 160.00
75$ 85.83$ 108.33$ 168.33$ 213.33
80$ 119.17$ 145.83$ 235.00$ 288.33
85$ 161.67$ 199.17N / AN / A
86$ 174.17$ 220.83N / AN / A
87$ 186.67$ 242.50N / AN / A
88$ 198.33$ 264.17N / AN / A
89$ 210.83$ 285.83N / AN / A

How Burial Insurance Plans Are Unique

Without mistake, life insurance policies for burial expenses are whole life insurance.

But they are special whole life insurance policies.

This is how these plans are unique …

# 1 Incredibly Forgiving Subscription

Without question, underwriting is the most unique aspect of burial and funeral insurance that sets it apart from traditional life insurance.

First of all, there is never a medical exam as part of the app. You just have to answer some basic questions about your health. In fact, there are even some policies that have no health questions at all.

It gets even better

To say that funeral insurance policies have an underwriting indulgence would be a massive understatement.

Burial insurance companies built these plans to absorb great risk, so older people with all kinds of health conditions can still qualify.

We simply cannot overstate this point enough.

The kind of health problems accepted by these burial expense companies would allow you to automatically reject traditional life products.

Here is the bottom line.

The vast majority of applicants can answer health questions and get approved by a funeral insurance company. It is just a matter of finding which life insurance company has the right subscription for you.

# 2 Guaranteed issue available with no health questions

You may not believe it, but it is 100% true.

There are life insurance companies that offer policies that have absolutely no health questions!

Yes, you have read it correctly.

These policies are commonly known as “guaranteed acceptance” or “ guaranteed issue ” life insurance policies.

Basically, the insurance company will not evaluate your health in any way. Its acceptance is guaranteed. If you meet the age requirements, you can get a policy.

However, this does not come with some added details

Guaranteed issue policies come with two very important drawbacks to be aware of, which is why they should always be the last resort.

  1. ALL have a 24 month waiting period. If you die during this time, the insurer will simply reimburse you for all your premiums plus some interest.
  2. They cost much more monthly. Insurance companies are taking a substantially higher risk, so they must charge more to cover the higher risk.

While it’s rare for someone to really need a policy that doesn’t have questions about their health, it does occasionally happen. They are usually VERY serious health problems, like …

  • AIDS or HIV
  • Alzheimer or dementia
  • Dialysis
  • Organ transplant
  • He currently has cancer and has had it previously.
  • Terminal disease
  • Wheelchair tied up due to illness or disease
  • In a nursing home

Outside of those kinds of serious, life-threatening conditions, you can almost certainly qualify with some burial insurance company where you’re answering health questions.

You will pay less and have coverage that starts from day one rather than having to wait two years before your benefits are 100% effective.

# 3 Small Value Options

Believe it or not, some funeral coverage companies will allow you to buy as little as $ 1,000 in coverage!

This is an amazing feature because it allows you to buy only what you need to cover your final expenses.

For example, if you want to be cremated you only need between $ 2,000 and $ 5,000 in coverage. Fortunately, burial insurance companies allow you to buy such small amounts. You don’t need to pay for the coverage you don’t need. You could easily buy enough

Funeral insurance for cremation and saving money because you are only buying what you need.

At the high end, most companies tend to have a maximum face value of between $ 25,000 and $ 50,000.

You may be wondering … What if I want more than $ 50,000?

Don’t be afraid because you can still do that. Technically you can have as much as you want. Chances are you only need to buy multiple policies from more than one company to get to the full face amount you’re looking for.

10 of the best features of funeral insurance

Let’s be honest; Funerals are expensive these days. An average burial can cost more than $ 10,000.

Now you don’t want these bills to be left up to your family. Your presence on this website at this time is evidence of that.

A burial expense policy is a perfect solution to this problem, but these are not your common life insurance policies.

They are special

So it begs the question: How special are they?

We will show you how …


At no time will you be required to take a blood or urine sample or provide your medical records. The application process will only consist of literally asking you some basic health questions.


Burial plans were designed to take the risk of some major health problems. This means that despite some troublesome illnesses, you can still get a policy!

Life insurance companies understand that it is natural to develop health challenges with age. If they only accepted the very healthy, they would have no clients!

While burial spending plans have a very relaxed underwriting, there are some health problems that are at such high risk that they cannot be insured. In these cases, you will need a guaranteed issue policy to ensure coverage (see below).


As mentioned above, there are some health conditions that affect life expectancy so negatively that no insurer will touch you through a policy with no subscription.

In these circumstances, a guaranteed issue policy is entirely appropriate (and is probably your only option). These plans have no health questions or medical checks of any kind. Its acceptance is always guaranteed.

The caveat to these plans without health questions is that they come with a two-year waiting period and cost more.

Basically, if you die in the first two years, the insurer will reimburse you for all your money plus interest. However, after two years, your coverage will be paid in full for any reason.

While rarely required, guaranteed acceptance plans do have their place. Click here to see all the health conditions where a guaranteed issue policy is your only option or your best option.


What happens if you move?

Well, if you have a pre-need policy at a funeral home, that could be a big problem since you are no longer near that funeral home.

However, with a funeral insurance policy, you are not obligated to any geographic location.

Remember, a funeral insurance policy will simply pay cash. No matter where you are. The insurance company will write you a check even if you die in another country.

No matter where you go, all funeral homes around the world will accept cash.

And guess what?

Burial policies pay cold, tax-free cash.


Since burial insurance policies are life insurance, you can anticipate that nothing will change you.

The day will never come when you receive a letter in the mail informing you that your payment is increasing, or that your coverage is decreasing, or that your policy will expire soon.

It will remain the same and will last forever no matter how long you live


You can buy as much or as little as you want.

Some operators will allow you to buy as little as $ 1,000 in protection, but most appear to have a minimum of $ 2,000.

Ultimately, you can only buy what you need.


At Insurance Latino, our average approval time is 18 minutes from the time we submit the application.

Generally, approval times can range from 12 minutes to 3 business days.

The time it takes depends entirely on the company with which you apply. With that said, you’ll know very quickly if you’ve been accepted.


Since these are lifetime policies, the cash value will accumulate over time. This cash value can be used in the event of a financial emergency. You can even configure your policy to use the cash value to pay your premiums in case you don’t have enough money in the bank to cover the payment.

While no one should purchase a funeral expense policy due to the cash value, it is a good feature to have access. Cash value really is just the icing on the cake.


10,000 older adults turn 65 a day, and many of them don’t have enough money to cover their funeral expenses.

This is the exact reason that burial insurance is so popular. The demand is incredibly high.

With high demand comes competition among insurance companies eager to serve the market.

The bottom line is that there are a ton of life insurance companies that offer burial expense coverage.

This works very well for you as a consumer, as increased competition among insurers means lower rates and many options to choose from.

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Find the best funeral insurance policy

So you’ve decided that you want the peace of mind that a funeral expense policy provides to ensure that your family never gets burdened with unpaid funeral expenses.

Or maybe you’re trying to secure your parents’ lives.

Either way, the next step is to find and secure the right policy for you.

Do you want to know the best part?

Finding the best burial expense insurance is very simple!

It won’t take you weeks to meet or hours of calls. In fact, if you follow our instructions below, you can do it in minutes.

But first, we must clearly define something, so that you know exactly what you are looking for.


We think you agree with us when we say that it will be almost impossible to find something when you don’t even know what you are looking for.

So here is the bottom line.

The best burial insurance plan has 3 critical elements.

  1. The policy is provided by an insurance company that has a solid and reliable financial history.
  2. It protects you as much as possible as soon as possible (no waiting period can be expected).
  3. The policy costs less than what other insurance companies will charge.

Any burial insurance plan that meets all three requirements is a plan that you want to follow as soon as possible.

All three elements are important, so let’s discuss each one briefly.

Financial history

An insurance policy is as good as the issuing insurance company’s ability to pay your claims.

If the insurance company is in financial trouble, you risk being unable to deliver on your promise each time you ask for it to meet your obligation.

Fortunately, this is no longer a problem.

At this point, life insurance is science. Due to actuarial charts, it is virtually unknown for an insurance company to be in financial trouble these days.

The vast majority of life insurance companies today are rated AM Best and have strong balance sheets and cash reserves.

When the policy protects you 

You may not know it, but some burial insurance policies do not fully protect you right away.

Some policies make you wait two full years before they pay a death benefit.

Let’s be clear on one thing here. There are absolutely some health conditions in which a person will not be able to obtain a policy that provides full immediate protection, but it is rare. That said, the vast majority of applicants can qualify for a plan that protects them immediately.

The key to determining is which insurance company has a subscription that allows you to qualify for instant coverage.

The truth, there is no way you can solve this. You need an agency like Insurance Latino to do it for you.

If your health allows for full instant coverage, that should be your goal. If this is not possible, you should sign up for a plan that offers partial coverage for the first two years.

You can only resort to a two-year waiting period policy after you have determined that full or partial coverage in the first two years is not an option.

Tip: We cannot emphasize how important it is to allow an agency like Insurance Latino to assess your health to determine if you may qualify for an immediate death benefit. Please do not assume that a two-year waiting period policy is unavoidable for you. Every day, we speak to dozens of older people who thought they would have a two-year waiting period, and we got them immediate coverage.

The cost of the policy

This should be obvious, but many people ignore how important this piece of the puzzle is. It can best be summed up with a simple question.

If everything else is the same, why voluntarily pay more money to one company when another company offers it for a lower premium?

Most whole life burial insurance plans cost fairly similar among all the various insurers. However, someone has to be the cheapest, why not go with them?


Lately, the way you get the best burial insurance is done by comparing offers from various insurance companies to see which one suits you best.

Here’s the thing

Burial life insurance is not one size fits all. Your health is an important factor that governs when your policy goes into effect and what you pay.

You will need to contract the services of a qualified and independent burial insurance agency. An independent agency is one that represents many different insurance companies.

They are not committed to any insurer, so they can select the company that suits them best.

Basically, they will assess your entire health history and become familiar with your goals. They then identify which burial insurance companies view their health most favorably.

Your agent will identify all funeral insurance companies that best accept your health problems. Those are the ones that will offer you the best price and coverage that will protect you as soon as possible.

As you can see, just one call does it all when you work with an independent agency.

Here’s what to look for when selecting an agency to help you find a policy

  • The agency must be independent and represent no less than 10 burial insurance companies.
  • They must have extensive experience specifically in the burial insurance market.
  • They should focus solely on this type of insurance.

We are clearly biased, but we know the competition, so we don’t feel reserved to say this.

Our selection of companies, our vast experience, and our commitment to serving your interests is why Insurance Latino is best suited to help you find the best burial policy.

However, if you work with someone else, just make sure they have all three attributes mentioned above.


In the world we live in today, we can do most of the things on our own. Rarely do we need someone’s help to do something that is amazing.

But when it comes to burial life insurance policies, you can’t find a better plan on your own.

Consider these two key facts …

1) Burial insurance companies will not allow you to buy your insurance directly from them

You read it correctly. There is not a single funeral insurance company that sells you insurance without you going through an agency. You must buy through an agent.

We invite you to call any of them with your checkbook in hand, and they will all have the same answer. Everyone will tell you to find an agent.

Life insurance is not sold in a grocery store for a simple reason. There are too many variables to consider. That is why the insurance is sold through agents.

So while working with an agent, make sure they are professional, knowledgeable, non-aggressive and respectful (Insurance Latino)

Tip: The only exception to this rule concerns life insurance with guaranteed issuance. Those policies are sold directly by insurers. However, all guaranteed issue policies have a two-year waiting period and are much more expensive (can be up to 300% longer) compared to burial policies sold by agents.

2) There are dozens of funeral insurance companies you have never heard of and need.

There are literally thousands of life insurance companies in the United States. Of them, only a small part of them are advertised on television, magazines, online or in newspapers.

That means that 99% of the life insurance companies out there, you have no idea who they are.

Why are we saying this?

We are telling you this because there is a good chance that your best burial policy is with an insurance company whose name you do not know.

Let’s be clear on some things

  • These insurance companies are equally trustworthy
  • They are very financially stable.
  • Not knowing their names is not a bad thing.

Think of it like this. Why do you know the name “State Farm”? The only reason she knows her name is because literally hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent on advertising specifically for her to know her name.

At the end of the day, your best burial insurance plan could be with a company you have heard of. But it is very likely that it will be with a company that you do not know.

Just stay open to this idea because if you limit yourself to only the companies you know by name, you’re dealing with a VERY small group.

Also (and this may sound hard to believe), most reputable companies that do advertise have some of the worst burial insurance plans on the market.

Very often they are much more expensive, expire at a certain age, or have a two-year waiting period.

Again, be open to companies you don’t know by name. It will only benefit you.


We may be predisposed, but it is not without merit.

This is why we are, without a doubt, the best-qualified agent to help you find YOUR best burial insurance plan.

  1. We have more than 20 companies to choose from. Being independent means that we can represent who we want. We are not committed to any particular company. Our portfolio of companies is so large that we can impartially select which one is best for you. We don’t care about which company is best for you. All we care about is doing what is best for you.
  2. Funeral life insurance is one of our greatest approaches. Would you rather deal with someone who is familiar with the type of insurance you need or someone who is an expert at it? We have focused and become quite familiar with this type of life insurance. If we become teachers (what we are) in this type of insurance, then, and only then, can we really help each person who seeks our guidance better.
  3. Your interests are our # 1 priority. Yes, we could place you in companies that make us more money. However, we don’t do that. We will always make sure to recommend the burial insurance company that is best for you.


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