Virat Kohli gave a befitting reply to Shahid Afridi,

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On Friday, Pakistan cricket team captain Babar Azam made a heart-touching tweet for former Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli. Seeing Babar’s tweet, he was being praised all around. At the same time, Virat did not respond to Babar’s tweet, after which former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi claimed that Virat Babar Will not reply to the tweet because there is pressure from PM Modi on Indian players. But now Virat has given a befitting reply to Afridi by replying to the tweet.

Virat Kohli replied to Babar Azam’s tweet

Virat Kohli is currently battling bad form. While everyone is seen trolling him, Babar Azam supported him and tweeted that this is Virat’s bad phase and it will pass. Babar has asked Virat to be strong in such times.

Babar made this tweet for Virat on 15 July, but Virat did not reply till the afternoon of 16 July, then former Pakistan captain Afridi claimed that Virat would not reply to Babar’s tweet. But Virat proved Afridi’s claims wrong and replied to Babar’s tweet saying, “Thank you! Always keep going like this. wish you all the best’ Virat did this tweet on Saturday at 5 pm.

Afridi had also accused Modi

PM Modi

Virat Kohli did not respond to Babar’s tweet, due to which Shahid Afridi also accused the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi. He had said that there is pressure from Modi on Indian players, so he does not reply to the tweets of Pakistani players. Afridi had said that since Modi became the Prime Minister, no player tweets for or supports Pakistani players. But now this tweet of Virat has given a strong slap on Afridi’s face.


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