Who is Grammar? – Definition of grammar, distinction with examples.

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If we study any language in school or college, we are also given a grammar book to read along with it. In this book, elements like noun, pronoun, verb, compound, factor etc. are in the form of text. These elements are used to bring correctness in the language, so it is also said that grammar is an integral part of the language. But if you also have this question in your mind Vyakaran Kise Kahate Hain So today’s article is especially for you.

In grammar, the rules of how the language is used correctly are told. In grammar, we are made aware of the various elements used in the language, such as how many elements are there in the language, which elements are there, what are their differences, how and why they are used, etc. is explained by So that it is easy for us to use that language and we can express our thoughts in front of others clearly and politely.

To know, understand, speak and write any language properly, it is necessary to have knowledge of its grammar. The way you speak or write reflects your manners and civility. Grammar does not matter so much in our common colloquial language, but in the field of offices, business and business, it is very important to use the language properly.

Therefore, understanding the importance of grammar, we have brought this article for you today. In this I have told about all those subjects, which will increase your knowledge, such as Vyakaran Ki Paribhasha, definition of grammar and its differences, Vyakaran Ke Udaharan etc.

what is grammar

Grammar gives an understanding of the rules of language. Grammar teaches us how to speak a language correctly, how to write it. For example, only by using the words in a sentence sequentially, the relationship between them is maintained on the basis of meaning. The use of grammar in language plays a major role in most of the writing. Correct use of language can be done only through grammar.

As an example of grammar-

  • It is good to read.
  • Reading is omen.
  • Shagun is reading.

Out of the above sentences, only one sentence is correct, which is the third sentence – Shagun is reading. Because in this a meaningful sentence has been made according to the rules of grammar and the other two sentences are wrong, their meaning is not being revealed correctly. Similarly, correctness comes from the use of grammar in the language.

Every standard language has a grammar, that is, every language that is used in government offices, business, business, education etc. has its grammar. The rules of language are written in grammar. These rules are made by the experts of the language.

I hope it is easy for you to understand what is grammar with examples. Now that you have come to know that Vyakaran Kya Hai, then let us now know what is Grammar Ki Paribhasha.

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definition of grammar

The scripture with the help of which we are able to express our language with accuracy and clarity is called grammar. Grammar consists of compilation and analysis of rules related to the use of language. In simple words, the knowledge by which we get the knowledge of the pure form of the language is called grammar.

grammar differences

Grammar depends on the language. Language is formed by joining sentences, sentences are formed by the meaningful combination of words and words are formed by the combination of different letters, so on the basis of language itself there are following 4 distinctions or parts of grammar –

1. Characters
2 words
3. Post
3. sentence

Let us now understand them in detail.

1. Characters

The part of grammar in which the rules for forming words with the help of letters are determined, it is called character idea. In this, what will be the size of the letters, what will be its pronunciation and how will the words be formed with its combination, there are rules. Characters can also be called letters. Characters are the unit of language that cannot be broken down. It is the smallest unit of language and its verbal form is called sound.

Meaningful or meaningful words are formed only by the use of alphabets according to the rules. The alphabet is called ‘Letter’ in English and the alphabet is called Alphabets in English. Learning and teaching any language begins with letters. There are total 52 characters in Hindi language. Whereas the total number of characters in the English language is 26.

Examples of characters a, k, t, l, m, f, p, b, etc.

2 words

In this part of grammar, there are rules related to the use of different words. A meaningful combination of letters is called a word. According to the rule of alphabets, every word formed by matching must have at least one meaning.

like- Water, Fire, Wind, Nayan, etc.

3. Post

When words are used in a sentence, they are divided into nouns, pronouns, verbs, subject etc. In simple language, as soon as a word is used in a sentence, then that word is called ‘Pada’.

Example- Sita eats mangoes.

In this, Sita is Kartapad, Mango is Karmapad and eats is Kriyapad.

4. sentence

The part of grammar in which the rules for making sentences are fixed, it is called sentence idea. According to the rules of words, meaningful sentences are formed by matching them.

like- Ram is making tea.

In this example, one meaning is appearing from the combination of meaningful words i.e. ‘Ram, Chai, Banana, Raha, Hai’, hence it will be called a sentence.

We hope that now you must have known that what is called grammar, there are many differences in grammar. For your information, let us tell you that what is called grammar, it is very important for the children of class 5 to know. This is because after 5th grade, children are taught another new language in school. Most of the students like to read only literature and they pay less attention to grammar due to which it has a direct effect on their language.

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Who is Hindi Grammar?

The scripture from which we understand how to write and speak the Hindi language correctly is called Hindi grammar. All the rules related to the use of Hindi language are present in Hindi grammar. By studying these rules and elements, the grip on Hindi language becomes stronger. Therefore, it is necessary to study Hindi grammar to use Hindi language properly.


Whatever language you use to express your feelings or thoughts, you need grammar to use that language properly. Grammar is a very vast and important subject for the study of language. Understanding its importance, today, through this post, I have given you information about what is called grammar along with definition. In this, we have also told you briefly about Vyakaran Kise Kahate Hain and its differences etc.

We hope that through this post of ours, it would have been easy for you to get information about grammar. If you found this post useful, then do share it with your friends, classmates, students etc. Because knowing about grammar is essential for everyone. Lastly, if you have any kind of improvement or suggestion related to this post, then please let us know by commenting below.

Grammarly FAQs

  • What is sound in Hindi grammar?

In Hindi grammar, the verbal form of the letter is called sound. Sound means sound.

  • What is the biggest unit of grammar?

A sentence is the biggest unit of grammar.

  • Who is the father of Hindi grammar?

Shri Damodar Pandit ji is considered the father of Hindi grammar. A book was composed by Shri Damodar Pandit ji in the 12th century, whose name is ‘Utti-person-episode’.

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