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This Wednesday the field carries out a strike and demonstrations in different areas of the country, claiming against tax pressure and the lack of diesel. In this context, Civil Engineer Mario Bustos spoke about Biodiesel during his weekly column in Pato a la Mañana. According to the specialist, this fuel, extracted from soybeans, is the hope and energy future.

The professional positively described the BioCórdoba plan, launched by the provincial government to promote the local production of Biodiesel, since this has multiple benefits. “We lost being self-sufficient in producing our own fuels,” said Mario Bustos.

Among the points in favor, the Civil Engineer mentioned the possibility of saving dollars by not having to buy fuel, also contributing to the care of the environment since it does not pollute like traditional fuels and generates labor in the plants.

In addition, the specialist exemplified the effectiveness of Biodiesel as a fuel by mentioning that Buenos Aires has already tested it in the “Biobus” and trucks and that some livestock companies, such as in Pasco Córdoba, manufacture biodiesel for their own consumption in their vehicle fleets.


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