Sawan Me Chamkegi Kismat- bhawan shiva ko chadhaye wheat-worship lord shiva -sawan remedies | Luck will shine in Sawan: Offer these things in the month of Sawan, do these remedies, you will get immense wealth

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Sawan Me Chamkegi Kismat

Luck will shine in Sawan

When Shiva is worshiped with devotion in Sawan, Bholenath removes the sufferings of the devotees in a moment. That’s why Lord Shiva is called Bholenath. Worship of Shivling in Sawan is considered very virtuous. Even in ancient times, many kings, maharajas and ascetics worshiped Shivling to get desired results. Even with grains, Shiva is pleased. Therefore, by offering this grain on Shivling, luck opens.

Offer wheat in Sawan: Offering dishes made of wheat in the worship of Shiva increases the growth of Kuntub. Along with this, the problem related to money and grains of the devotees gets over soon.

Offer Moong in Sawan: Offering moong to Shivling in Sawan and worshiping Shiva with moong gives every happiness and opulence. By offering moong to Shivling on any Monday of Sawan, a person gets all the pleasures in life.

Offer Urad in Sawan: By offering urad on Shivling in both the days of Sawan, every planetary defect automatically gets redressed. Especially, one gets rid of Shani pain very soon.

Offer in Sawan: Offering black sesame seeds on Shivling in Sawan is considered very beneficial and fortunate. Worshiping Shiva with sesame seeds and making one lakh sacrifices in Havan ends every sin. Also man gets freedom from all sins.

Offer rice in Sawan: By offering it on Shivling, one gets rid of all worldly troubles soon. Offering raw rice gives freedom from discord and peace. Similarly, by offering raw rice (Akshat) on Shivling in Sawan, the dispute between husband and wife ends soon. At the same time, there is immense happiness in the family. Apart from this, the long-standing family dispute is also resolved soon.

Offer gram dal in Sawan: According to the scriptures, offering gram dal on Shivling in the evening on the Monday of Sawan, one gets the best life partner. By the grace of Bholenath, happiness showers in the family.

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These measures will get money in Sawan

  • In Sawan, go to any river or pond and feed the flour balls to the fish. As long as you do this work, keep meditating on Lord Shiva in your mind. This is a very simple way to earn money.
  • Feed green fodder to Nandi (bull) daily in Sawan. This will bring happiness and prosperity in life and the mind will be happy.
  • In Sawan, write ‘Om Namah Shivay’ with sandalwood on 21 bilva leaves and offer it to Shivling. With this all your wishes can be fulfilled.
  • If there is any kind of problem in your house, then sprinkle cow urine in the house every morning in Sawan and give incense of guggul.
  • If there is a problem in your marriage, then offer saffron mixed milk on Shivling every day in Sawan. With this, the chances of your marriage can be formed soon.
  • Offer food to the poor in Sawan, by this there will never be a shortage of food in your house and the souls of ancestors will get peace.
  • Waking up early every morning in Sawan, after taking bath etc., go to a nearby Shiva temple and anoint Lord Shiva with water and offer black sesame seeds to him. After this, sitting in the temple for some time, chant the mantra Om Namah Shivay in your mind. This will give peace to the mind.

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