Why is it important to have a screening test?

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Screening tests are done to detect possible health problems or illnesses in people who have no symptoms. The goal is to detect the disease early and to monitor for lifestyle changes to reduce the risk of the disease or to treat it more effectively.

It is common for people to ignore the health screening advice given by their doctor for various reasons, which is harmful. Know why Regular health screening plays an important role in identifying and treating dangerous and infectious diseases.

Understand that health screening is not only a precautionary measure and effective measure, but also very important for improving and maintaining health. To understand the importance of screening tests, it is necessary to mention a popular saying, “Precaution is better than cure”.

What is a screening test?

Screening is actually a special test, which is done before the disease occurs. The purpose of this test is to diagnose and prevent possible disease. If there is a risk of any disease, health screening can be done before the symptoms of any disease appear so that the disease can be effectively eradicated earlier.

Now the question arises as to what screening test a person needs. This question depends on his age, health, family history and other factors. In today’s article we are going to share some information about health check up tests which are very important for living a healthy life.

Blood pressure screening

According to the American Heart Association, people with a blood pressure below 80/120 (ideal range of blood pressure) should have a blood pressure screening test at least every two years, while individuals or women over 40 years of age, including The risk of hypertension is twice as high as in 20-year-olds, at which age experts recommend an annual blood pressure screening test. The annual screening test for people over 40 is due to the increased risk of high blood pressure with age.

Cholesterol check up

High cholesterol increases a person’s risk of heart disease and stroke. Therefore, according to the National Institutes of Health, if you are 20 years of age or older, you must have your cholesterol level checked every 5 years.

Remember the ideal level for a healthy person is less than 200mg / dl. Blood tests are done to check cholesterol levels, for which fasting has to be stopped up to 12 hours before, ie fasting is necessary.

Skin examination

According to the American Cancer Society, women and men should have their skin checked at home every month. Study your body to check. Symptoms of skin cancer include new moles on the skin or changes in the color, texture and texture of existing moles.

According to the American Cancer Association, if your family history includes people with skin cancer, you need a doctor’s skin check-up once a year.


According to a report of the World Health Organization, every eighth woman in Pakistan suffers from a dangerous disease like breast cancer. The disease kills about 40,000 women in Pakistan every year. Mammography X-ray method has been discovered to diagnose breast cancer. This is a type of X-ray that can detect cancer in a matter of hours. When should mammography be done?

There has been a long debate about this, but a recent proposal by the United States Preventive Service Task Force (USPSTF) suggests that all women over the age of 50 should have a mammogram at least once every two years. According to the American Cancer Society, women should be screened annually from the age of 45, while mammography should be mandatory until the age of 50. However, if you have a family history of breast cancer, you should have mammography done before the specified age on the advice of your doctor.

Pap smear test

According to the United States Preventive Service Task Force, women between the ages of 21 and 65 must have a pap smear test every 3 years. This test can easily protect against cervical cancer. The pap smear test is performed with the help of a speculum made of plastic or metal.

This device examines the inner walls of the uterus. This device retrieves some cells that are used to make cervical cancer detections.


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