Sherry Rehman demands resignation of President Arif Alvi

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Federal Minister Sherry Rehman has demanded the resignation of President Dr Arif Alvi following the decision of the former Deputy Speaker of the Supreme Court against Rolling.

In a statement released on the social networking site Twitter, Sherry Rehman said that the Supreme Court had ruled on the former deputy speaker’s self-notice against the unconstitutional rolling. Yes, the Supreme Court decision is the last nail in the coffin of ‘external conspiracy’.

He said the former speaker’s rolling, dissolving the assembly of the former prime minister and president was unconstitutional, according to the Supreme Court, against the rights of political parties.

Sherry Rehman further said that the former speaker gave a roll call without investigation, she had claimed in the Assembly House that the letter has been sent to the Supreme Court, Imran Khan did not give the full text of the letter waved in the court. ۔

He also said that the court had made it clear that the former speaker and deputy speaker had ridiculed and violated the constitution. The President should resign after the decision of the Supreme Court.


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