Mother Cannot Be Forced To Choose Between Child And Career: Bombay High Court

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The bench directed the woman to bring the girl to India during her school holidays in Poland. (typical)


Nothing has ever been more special than the love between a daughter and her father, but no court can rule out the career prospects of a woman. Bombay High Court has accepted this. The court made this observation while allowing a woman embroiled in a matrimonial dispute with her husband to be transferred to Poland along with her minor daughter. A single bench of Justice Bharati Dangre, in an order passed on July 8, a copy of which was made available on Wednesday, allowed the mother to take her nine-year-old daughter to Poland, but the child’s father for her physical and virtual reach. instructed to provide

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The woman had approached the High Court for permission to transfer her daughter along with her to Krakow, Poland, where she has got a job opportunity. But there is a marital dispute going on between the woman and her husband. The man opposed the petition claiming that if the girl was taken away from him, he would not be able to see her again. He further said that the situation in Poland is unstable in view of the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine.

Justice Dangre said, “There was never and never will be anything more special than the love between a daughter and her father.” But on one side there is a father who is haunted by the thought of his daughter being transferred, while on the other side there is a woman who wants to take up a job to further her career. The court said that till now the custody of the girl is with the mother, who has brought up the girl alone and considering the age of the girl, it is necessary that she should accompany her mother.

Justice Dangre said, “I do not think that the court can deny job prospects to a mother who is willing to take up the job and she cannot be denied this opportunity. Essentially, there is a conflict between the interests of the two.” A balance has to be struck. Father should also look after the welfare of the child.”

The court said, “The petitioner is the mother of the child and has been with the girl child continuously since her birth. A working woman has struck a balance between her work and the care and affection of the child. At the same time, she has ensured that she is a child. Enjoy a healthy upbringing.” The court also refused to accept the husband’s argument that if the girl is now taken to another country, she will be in trouble.

Justice Dangre said, “It is not unusual for children to shift with their parents. It is also not unusual for a working woman to leave her child in a day-care facility because of her responsibilities.” The court further said that in the present case the mother of the woman would also be shifting to take care of the child. The bench directed the woman to bring the girl to India during her school holidays in Poland and introduce her to her father. Also give him virtual access every day.

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